COACHING AND TRAINING RESOUCES: commitment to continuing education for coaches of all levels. Please make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page for links on Licensing and certificates.  

- FIFA 11+ Exercises is a complete warm-up program to reduce injuries among male and female soccer players aged 8 years and older. Great tool for beginner Coaches. 

Inside Soccer ​This site provides video examples and explanations of topics for all ages and all levels. This is a great resource for the coach looking for live video examples from some of the top clubs in the world which explain various technical, tactical, and physical aspects of the game of soccer.

World Class Coaching ​​This is a great coaching resource to which coaches can subscribe online or through the mail to receive clear examples of written 90-minute sessions around all aspects of the game.  Enrollment in this program also results in an online newsletter that comes to the subscriber on a regular basis.

Youth Soccer Drills for Young Players These drills and games are provided by Jeff Pill, current US Women’s National Staff coach.  These games cover all topics and ages with complete training sessions geared toward various topics for youth coaches.

- Soccer Learning Systems This is a valuable resource through which coaches can purchase training materials for all age and levels of players. Click on the above website to browse a number of different training materials for novice to experienced soccer coaches. ​​​​​

​​- Ask the Referee In an ongoing effort to educate all members of the youth community on the rules of the game, Ask the Ref is a website that provides access to a panel of referees for questions about interpretations of the Laws of the Game. 

- Grassroots Pathway There is a new starting point for coaches in the U.S. Soccer Coaching Education pathway. Five things to know about grassroots pathway Coaching imitative. (click here)


- ​​National Soccer Coaches Association of America Enrollment in this organization provides a wealth of coaching information while also providing additional liability insurance for the youth coach. We suggest that all volunteer and professional coaches join this professional organization to continue their commitment to continuing education.

CYSA Coaching ResourcesCYSA offer several coaching courses and license courses through out the year. For a list of available coaching courses offered by CYSA click above.